Adstream, licensed by Media Host South Africa, offers production suppliers, agencies and brands three simple, distinct advantages: control, efficiency and sizeable cost benefits.

The change in marketing operations continues to impact the volume and complexity of content that marketers and creatives are being expected to produce. Keeping up with what collateral is work in progress, approved and archived is a challenge in almost every organisation. Adstream connects the marketing and advertising ecosystem enabling the collaboration between brands, agencies and production partners.

Now moving far beyond digital delivery, The Adstream platform is specifically engineered to be a central web-based platform to replace the traditional systems and processes like in-house servers and share-drive filing systems. All contracts, usage rights and expiry notifications are also accesses via a simple, permissions controlled user login.

Our clients enjoy an immediate overview of all their marketing content – from advertising, packaging, point of sale, video and digital, photography, owned stock imagery and much more, giving you complete control of your asset management and total confidence in your distribution plans.

It’s a simple, elegant business solution that results in better record keeping and substantially increased cost and time efficiencies – especially when compared to traditional delivery and media management processes.

It’s also why more of the world’s greatest brands, agencies, production and post-production houses choose Adstream.

Combining media, data and technology, answers the needs of advertisers and brands through the agile solutions we offer. Simplify now.

Adsend’s new URL goes live

New and Improved. In November 2016, Adstream acquired Dubsats‘ print media delivery service, Adsend. Media Host are excited to announce that Adsend’s new website domain has gone live in South Africa. A great deal of work...

Digital Asset Management

Manage and share content from your Adstream Library.

Global Connectivity

Adstream manages over 7m assets and deliver more than 2m advertisements a year, across all media channels for over 5,000 clients globally.


100% secure digital distribution of unlimited size files and advertising assets to the largest global footprint of broadcasters, publishers and other media owners.

Pagestore, QuickPrint, MediaLink

Print delivery turns artwork into digital print ready files to publication specifications while the templating application allows users to take master files and automate the regionally managed adaptation process.

File Acceleration

Sendplus is designed to rapidly send and receive very large files. Track transfer status of both inbound and outbound files and easily review conversations and transfer history.

Online & Mobile Ad-Serving Platform

Adreach digital delivery for web and mobile advertising campaigns allows users to create, manage, plan, sell, implement, optimise click through rates, track and deliver digital advertising all in one ad-serving product.

TV Star Treatment for Every Ad

Traffic the right ad to the right place, on time, every time. No paperwork, no couriers, less resources needed for checking, and the peace of mind your material will arrive at the station on time to spec.