Are Your Brand's Media Assets Secure?

For mammoth brands such as Shoprite Checkers, keeping track of creative and advertising media assets is a daunting task. And keeping them secure has become more important than ever before. Mike Smit, Managing Director of Media Host, explains their approach to managing and securing content.

“Shoprite is a good example of how a brand has really managed everything in a central place,” says Smit, all the brand’s advertising collateral is stored on the Adstream Platform".

“For example, they have a photographic studio that produces content for online, print and TV production,” he explains. “All of those assets are accessed by the various departments, so they don’t have to send content from one person to another, everything is permissions-driven through one central repository".

In addition, the content approval process is centrally managed, and there is a record of the complete approval process. 

“Taking TV as an example, only one single HD master needs to be sent to us – we then reformat that and distribute it to various media owners – whether it’s Airport TV or SABC, no one needs to worry about the format requirement of the broadcaster…we take care of that.”

Smit notes that their team can guarantee that the media owner receives the content ‘to their specification."

“If an ad is sent via Adstream, it's broadcast ready".

Ultimately, as Smit explains, "it’s all just a digital file, because that is what ‘convergence has done."

“Consider a bucket of [content] assets,” says Smit. “Everything is tagged accordingly, and then you can easily create collections of TV, print, radio, etc.  We also keep an audit trail of where anyone has interacted with the asset.”

Enhanced Security

According to Smit, an audit trail is the best way to guarantee security of the various media assets.

“So the assets are much more secure [in the system] then they would be on your server, or sitting with your IT Department,” he says. “You can’t interact with the system without it keeping a record of it, and you can slice and dice the data in any way you please.”