TV and Radio Ad Tracking and Content Detection

Adlytics tracks the broadcast of TV and radio ads, music and music videos. We verify and reconcile paid-for, scheduled advertising to the actual broadcast, provide near real-time reports on all aspects of compliance, including usage rights and competitor activity and trends.

Sophisticated technology, including business intelligence tools, digital video and audio fingerprinting as well as a strategic partnership with Radiomonitor enables us it to introduce Adlytics at a competitive price point.

Radiomonitor is the industry standard airplay monitoring service used by all major record labels as well as artists, managers, label services and performing rights organisations across Europe, Canada, South Africa, Australasia and the Middle East. Daily airplay charts for 90 countries are compiled, as well as providing powerful in-depth analysis to all parts of the record industry. Currently, over 250 radio stations are monitored in Sub-Saharan African and their foot print continues to grow.